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  • Market analysis

  • Strategies for the respective markets & sales teams

  • Product & customer potential analyzes

  • Implementation of campaigns

  • Sales control strategy

  • Advice and support of the sales teams

  • Strategies for unused potentials



  • Analysis of the cost element structure

  • Analysis of the cost center structure

  • Cost Strategies

  • Cost control strategies

  • Potential savings of personnel costs



  • Potential analysis of sales structure

  • Potential analysis of delivery structure

  • Potential analysis of branch / area structure

  • Structural optimization strategies

  • Communication strategy​

How can we increase your earnings? How can we optimize your company structure? How to reduce costs or invest better? 

We analyze your current strengths and weaknesses and work out individual optimization approaches.

Classic project example "Increase in sales performance to increase earnings": 

We analyze strengths and weaknesses of your sales units as well as unused potentials for customers and products. Tailored to this, sales campaigns and a results-oriented sales control process are implemented.


In addition to strategic consulting, we also offer you support in operational implementation: from sales communication, the corresponding sales training courses up to sales reports. As part of such a project, we will also show you the strengths and weaknesses of individual sales teams, so that we can also advise you on issues relating to costs and structures.

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